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La propuesta para el desafío # 40 de CSI fue esta:

This was Debbi's proposal for CSI challenge # 40

Durante los últimos meses, mi nieto Franchu ha estado haciendo una serie de comentarios y dando unas respuestas muy graciosas. No quise que se perdieran por lo que decidí aprovechar esta propuesta para "escrapearlas"!!! Lo hice así:

During the past months, my grandson Franchu has been coming up with a series of funny answers and comments. Since I didn't want them to get lost I decided to scrapbook them. This is what I did:

De los elementos que se pedía incorporar utilicé las rayas, los lunares, los números y las transparencias sobre las que imprimí todas las "Franchufrases"

For the Evidence I used stripes, polka dots, numbers and the transparency on which I printed all of Franchu's words

También incorporé los elementos circulares que se pedían, en los brads  y en los sellos circulares que están al pie de la página. Los hice con envases plásticos vacíos y pintura acrílica.

I also incorporated the "circular elements" in the brads and the stamped circles at the bottom of the page which I stamped with empty plastic bottles and acrylic paint

Para la parte escrita, escribí mi título sobre tres etiquetas circulares e incorporé la palabra "especiales"

For the Testimony I wrote my title on three circular labels and also incorporated the word "special" in "so funny, so special"

Aquí una traducción de todas las frases de Fran ya que en castellano se pueden leer directamente en la imágen del LO.

Here is a translation of his words so you can laugh along. 

Mum: How did you get on at school today Fran?
Fran: I hit a whole bunch of friends
Mom: Why did you do that?
Fran: Because I had a bad day…period!
Fran walks out of school: “ Mummy, you look so pretty!!”
Mum: “Fran, how sweet of you! Why do you say something that nice to me?”
Fran: “because I love you a lot!”
Mum: “Do you want me to die of happiness?”

 2 days later after processing the information Fran asks:
“Mummy, why do you say you are going to die everytime I say something nice to you?”
Fran was in New York a couple of weeks ago with his family. Because he was curious as to where they had been, on their return, my daughter showed him a map and pointed out the places they had been
Fran: " Mummy, in that map you showed me the other day…. "Lo mayor"
(his interpretation of Nueva York) is very close to Buenos Aires. We should have come back walking!
On their return from the USA Franchu had to renew his sessions with his speech therapist. On the way to her office, my daughter explained that somebody would be there to replace Griselda because she had had a baby.
Fran, who has a one and a half year old sister who drives him crazy said, with a frightened look: “Is Griselda going to have to give us her baby?”
Mum: “No Fran, you don’t give babies away, they belong to their mummies”
Once they arrived, the new  speech therapist started to ask him a lot of questions about his life.
 Suddenly he stopped her and said: “Celeste, anything else you want to know about me just go out there (referring to the waiting room where my daughter was) and ask that lady there, who has known me for a long time, since I came out of her tummy, ok?
Also at the speech therapist’s:
Fran: “Where is the parking game?”
Celeste: “It broke and we are having it fixed”
Fran: “Of course….I go away for two weeks and when I come back nothing is where it is supposed to!
Fran: " Mummy, what does that sign mean?”
Mum: “Smoking prohibited”
Fran: " What does smoking mean?
Mum:  " Something which is not good for youl"
Fran: " I like things that are not good for you…I want to smoke”
In Spanish, Celeste and Azul are proper names. But celeste also means light blue and azul also means blue.
Fran with his speech therapist:  “Celeste, you know your name is almost like the name of a friend of mine at school.”
Celeste: “Really? What’s her name?”
Fran : “Azul ”
Mum: “It’s not good for you to play with your i-pod all day.
 Fran: "Is there anything in life that is good for you?”
Mum:  “Careful with that glass. It is cristal (crystal’s)
Fran: “Who is Crystal?”
Fran: "Mummy, why didn’t the sheep say cheese for the photograph?
Mum: “Because sheep don’t speak”
Fran: “yes they do! They say mehhhhh” 
Floppy , Franchu’s baby sister destroyed his tower of blocks for the third time.

Fran  really angry: "Floppy, I’m fed up with  you!"
Mum: chuckles
Fran turns around:  “What are you laughing about? Would you like to be doing something with all your love and that a little sister of yours came and broke it all up? You wouldn’t, would you?”    
Mum: What did you do in gym today since it was raining?”
Fran “We played …..mmm telephone”
Mum: “ Broken telephones?”
Fran: “Yes. They whispered : kick me,but I thought it was a nasty word so I said wheel.

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